Zeez F7 Flight Controller and Zeez Led Strips


Zeez F7 Flight Controller:

Support up to 8S input with 5V @3A BEC (protected from over current, over temperature and short circuit) for power all peripherals. (such as CAM, VTX, LED, RX)

Build with STM32F722 MCU for best performance, it support all most used firmware on the market, like Betaflight, EmuFlight and INAV.

MPU6000 Gyroscope and accelerometer combined with soft mount will give you the best clear signal that will track your motion.

Onboard 128MB flash to store all logs for days of flight.

VTX switch to power ON/OFF your video transmitter directly from your radio (enable it using USER1 in the modes tab of the firmware) .

OSD Chip with all correct capacitor and LC filter will give clear voltage to the camera and the VTX.

Direct solder connection and board space for TBS Nano RX and TBS Unify Pro32 Nano providing the ultimate in clean stack installation.

USB type C connector and logic side current protection built in to save the FC from short.

Zeez LED Strips:

The Zeez led system include 4 LED strip ( 40 LED points in total)  and 6 JST SH connector ( 4 for the LED strip and 2 spare)

It’s been the first in the FPV market to use the smallest RGB led. Easy wiring with the connector provided.

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