Capish Frame
Frame Parts


Zeez Capish 5.5″ Racing Frame

Made with Japanese T700 top quality carbon 

Fast ARM swap..take less time than change propellers! 

Package contents:

  • (4x) Arm 5.5”
  • (1x) Top Plate
  • (1x) Bottom Plate
  • (1x) Middle Plane
  • (2x) Adjustable camera mount plates
  • (4x) Standoff M3*25mm knurled aluminium
  • (4x) FC Standoff M3*4mm knurled aluminium
  • (4x) Hex socket Button Head Screw M3*6mm
  • (4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*4mm
  • (4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*14mm
  • (4x) Hex socket Countsunk screw M3*10mm

Weight (including all hardware and FC standoff): 79gr

Dimension (motor to motor): 225mm

Capish 5.5″ Racing Frame assembly video

Capish 5.5″ Assembly manual (PDF Version) : download here

3D file (STL) : download here

Enjoy our 3D file for free, customize it or design your own. Don’t forget to upload online on Thingiverse and use ZEEZ tag


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