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Zeez F7 Flight Controller
Zeez Capish 5.5 FPV Racing Frame

Zeez F7 Flight controller with OSD, RGB LED,  128MB Blackbox memory, MPU6000, 3A 5V BEC, 8S Input

The all new Zeez Capish is a 5.5″ Ultra light weight durable FPV racing frame designed from the ground up with racers in mind. Quality components and a well thought out design means this drone frame will spend more time ripping packs and less time sitting on your work bench. If you want a podium finish, you need a Zeez Capish! Capish?

Zeez 4in1 60A ESC Blheli32
Zeez RGB Led Strip

Robust 4in1 ESC with BlHeli32 ZEEZ60A Firmware. Aluminum HeatSink to cooldown the Mosfet. High quality material for high performace. 

The smallest RBG strip for racing drone on the market fully controllable from Flight Controller firmware (Betaflight or INAV). Only 35mmx7.5mm for the strip of 10 LEDs.

Zeez 3030 Stack (FC + ESC + LED)